Known throughout the nation as one of the top specialists in his field, Dr. Knap is redefining the treatment of acne scarring. While other doctors perform routine fractional lasers and skin procedures, Dr. Knap pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Through his unique approach, Dr. Knap uses certain techniques and is renowned for his high success rate and patient satisfaction.

A prestigious background

Following an internship, Dr. Knap completed a four-year dermato-surgery fellowship at the prestigious Aarhus University Hospital – the largest hospital in Scandinavia – where he published multiple clinical trials on skin surgery.

Throughout his residency, Dr. Knap focused his interests on acne scar revision, skin surgery, improvement of skin scars, and cosmetic procedures including facial contouring, sculpting, fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, and procedures used to enhance patients’ facial features.

Going above and beyond

Dr. Knap’s involvement in education, teaching, and research has facilitated a host of publications and clinical trials. He is featured in Danish national television as an authority in acne scar revision, sharing his expertise in skincare, laser treatments, and surgical and nonsurgical techniques.

Treating acne scars is a medical art that requires great skills and the use of the right methods. Not one method fits all acne scar types. Hence, I treat acne scars with different methods and choose the best methods for each individual acne scar. Combining different methods – when relevant – is the only way to achieve the highest cure rate.

My patients come from most of the world to visit my office and have their acne scars treated by me personally.

Innovation in acne scar revision techniques

With his own practice in Aarhus, Dr. Knap is one of a select number of dermato-surgeons in Scandinavia who performs acne scar revision, including TCA cross, subcision, skin surgery, and laser-based procedures, in which he precisely targets each individual acne scar based on thorough skin analysis and classification of each individual acne scar and its subtype.

An authority in acne scar treatments, Dr. Knap is renowned for his ability to correct acne scars, other skin scars, burns, irregularities, botched procedures, and deformities as well as his use of custom-tailored combination treatments to achieve patient-specific, long-term results.

Achieving 5-star treatment and highest possible cure rate

Through his unique approach and perfection, Dr. Knap is able to achieve the highest possible cure rate for each individual acne scar. Each consultation starts with a skin analysis where the acne scar type of each individual acne scar is identified, mapped and photographed. Identifying the correct acne scar type and matching it with the right method is the key to Dr. Knap’s success as an acne scar specialist, and makes him one of the top specialists in the nation.



All acne scars can be improved, no matter how severe or old they are. 

Contact Dr. Knap, one of the best laser and acne scar dermato-surgeons in Europe, and book an appointment to get started. Your custom-tailored acne scar revision program is your way to improve your acne scars. Let’s begin your journey today.

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